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Preparing Your Quilt Top

  1. Piece carefully.  The flatter your top is, the better it will quilt! 

  2. Prepare top.  Trim stray threads - dark threads will show through in light areas.  Press your top with an iron carefully.  If there is a top to the quilt, mark the top edge with a safety pin.  Remove any embellishments.

  3. Prepare your backing fabric.  The size of your quilt top will dictate how big your backing fabric will need to be.  Make sure you make your backing fabric 3-4" bigger ON ALL FOUR SIDES.  Remember to remove selvages from the fabric before sewing.  The decision to pre-wash or not is yours.  If you do not pre-wash the fabrics in the top, you may choose to not pre-wash the fabrics for your backing.  Not sure how to prepare your backing?  I can prepare it for you for a $10 fee.  DO NOT BASTE the layers together with spray or pins - I will load the three components (top, batting and backing fabric) onto my frame.  No need for basting.

  4. Ship your quilt.  Ship your quilt top and backing fabric to me at the address listed on the contract.  SAVE MONEY by shipping TWO OR MORE quilt tops at one time.   Include a signed and completed contract form for each quilt that you're sending.  A deposit of $25 is required for each quilt.  I will bill you for the remainder when the quilt is done.  Pay by PayPal or money order.

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